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Scene (2019 - 2020) is a series performances by Dulce Lamarca in collaboration with improvisational comedians. Please visit dulcelamarca.com to learn more about Dulce’s work. 

Dulce Lamarca (1992, Buenos Aires) is a
n Argentinian interdisciplinary artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She holds a BFA in Painting and Arts Education from Regina Pacis Fine Arts College, Buenos Aires, Argentina and a MFA in Fine Arts from SVA School of Visual Arts, New York, NY. 

Her work has been exhibited in Spring Break Art Show in New York, Satellite Art Show, Miami, Proyecto Casa Intervenida, Buenos Aires, Art Lot, Brooklyn, NY, Proto Gallery Art Gala, Hoboken, NJ, Latin American Theater Experiment & Associates, NY, Lankai Gallery, China, and Centro Cultural Borges in Buenos Aires, Argentina among others.

Through video and performance, she explores the concept of in-betweenness as a state of helplessness, and the limitations of human connection and communication. Her work is a reflection about language, interpretation and meaning. Using curiosity as an ideology, humor and technology as a tool, and participation as foundation for her practice.


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