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Previous works that have informed this project are:

Tuning Series:
Un entre, 2017
Tuning I, 2018
Tuning II, 2018
An ongoing series of work where I tune my cello in constant preparation for a performance that never takes place.

Looped Video Series:
Sweets Dreams,2018
Freezing Time, 2019
I’ll Stop the World, 2019
I am repeatedly performing ridiculous tasks and filming these failed attempts. I am attempting to step inside a giant bubble, I am kneading a person’s elbow thoroughly, I am trying to physically stop an earth that never stops spinning, I am trying to freeze time by placing an analog clock in the freezer.

Endurance performance:
Can you here me?, 2019
Online performance that was part of Proyecto Casa Intervenida a curatorial initiative of group exhibitions in people’s houses in Buenos Aires, Argentina.